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…But Where’s the Photo Booth?

Posted on May 14, 2012 by RedEyePhotoBooths in Miscellaneous

  • Location, Location, Location!

Work with your venue to select a good location for your photo booth rental. We have had previous calls saying that no one knew where the photo booth was or that there even was a photo booth. Worry no longer! Try to keep in mind the “out of site, out of mind” principal. The booth will be most successful in an area near the traffic and energy of the party. Photo booths placed in separate rooms or levels may result in less pictures taken, as previous clients are found out. Sometimes the best place for the photo booth (near the bar) is not always plausible based on traffic and guest flow, but do consider this simple principal when deciding the placement of the booth! The floor space / footprint of the fully assembled booth is 7’ long x 3’ deep.

  • Announcements & Written Reminders:

It is a very good idea to have your host, MC, DJ or band make a few announcements throughout the course of your event to remind the guests to visit the photo booth. This gives everyone the opportunity to have pictures taken to remember the day (if you purchase our scrapbook service you can have photos of everyone at your event to cherish) and you as well. Some guests will not need any reminders or encouragement, but there will always be some guests that have never seen or experienced a photo booth like ours. Another idea is to place a simple written note on the place setting throughout the venue to encourage the guests to visit the booth and get their photo taken and/or participate in your scrapbook (if you are going with this option, which we always recommend for Weddings).

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