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Red Eye Photo Flash
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The Red Eye Photo Flash is a super sleek alternative to our photo booth. A touchscreen mounted in a slick housing makes for an awesome photo booth experience open to the entire party while only taking up roughly one foot square. With options to upload to various social media sites as well as instant printing, green screen live preview, and the option for a video booth, this is a great solution for an event within a tight space. Use your party as the background of the photos, setup a printed background banner, or green screen. Add a fish eye lens for a funky-MTV look.

Red Eye Photo Flash   Red Eye Photo Flash Event

The Red Eye Photo Flash comes loaded with our custom built Photo Booth Upload Software which was built with various input from over 100 different photo booth owners. The software takes green screen to a whole new level with an intuitive back-end operations while having a friendly user-controlled front-end. The guest are able to select their digital background using the touchscreen interface. Once their digital background is selected, guests are able to see themselves instantly in a live preview so that they can position themselves in the correct location. Our “Smart-Placement” technology automatically places the guest in the correct location. An example would be displaying guests linking arms with The Scarecrow in Wizard Of Oz or riding in the Bat Mobile.

Red Eye Photo Flash Event   Red Eye Photo Flash Event

Green Screen – The guests are able to select up to 8 of your own custom designed backgrounds using the touchscreen interface and position themselves with live-preview. Then our “Smart-Placement Technology” automatically places them in the correct size and orientation for each photo so they are picture perfect!

Photo Filters – Just like with Instagram, our software allows your guests to add a photo filter to their photos on the fly using the touch screen interface.

Page Designer – We will work with you to design your page branding layouts using our software. We can place as many photos as you want on your final layout and position them using our intuitive drag and drop tools.

Social Media Options – Red Eye Photo Flash is integrated with our iPad upload software to allow instant sending to email, uploading to Facebook, and live posts on Twitter from the Red Eye Photo Flash’s touch screen and/or wirelessly from the iPad(s).

Video – Pre-load a video or text questions that guests reply to and post instantly on various social media sites. You have the option to attach a “promo-video” to the uploaded video reply that will be included on all posts.

Red Eye Photo Flash seeks to re-invent photo marketing and entertainment in this growing age!

Red Eye Photo Flash   Red Eye Photo Flash Event   Red Eye Photo Flash