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Social Media Integration
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  • Upload Directly to Facebook: When your guest upload their photos you can set a pre-define Facebook Album name or a customized Wall Post. For example, all photos from a party for Nike could go to an album called “Nike Party Photos”, which would be automatically created on your guests’ Facebook page. Also, pre-customize the Facebook message posted on your guests’ wall when they upload. An amazing branding opportunity! A thumbnail of one photo along with a message, title, and link will appear on the Guest’s personal Facebook Profile. Only use Wall Message along with album or Fan page upload features to ensure that all of the guests photos will be available online.

  • Send a Live Tweet: Give your guests the ability to live tweet during the event and show how much fun they are having! You can create a pre-determine a Twitter tweet (140 characters MAX) OR let your guests’ create their own tweet when they upload photos to their Twitter feed. Be sure to include #Hashtags and @Tags to tag your company/business and further market your brand to your guests followers!

  • Send Directly to Email: Some guests may not want to upload their photos to their personal Facebook or Twiiter account, so that’s where email comes in handy. Create a pre-determined from address (could be a direct reply address or a false address), subject line describing your event and email message that your guests will receive with their photos embedded in the body of the email to save for later.