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Coupon Offers Not Always the Best Option with Photo Booth Rentals

Posted on December 4, 2012 by Jeremy in Miscellaneous

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Over the last year and a half Photo Booth Rentals DFW owner Barbara Stone has watched more and more booth rental businesses come and go. Along with this constant shift in the number of competitors she faces is the number of people who have bought a coupon for a rental only to be left high and dry on the day of their event because the company was no longer in business. While this has meant additional business for Barbara’s company it also has put a blemish on the fast growing photo booth rental industry.

Website’s like Groupon, Living Social and Deal Find have exploded in popularity in recent years by offering products and services at greatly reduced prices. With these deals have come problems for both the consumer and the business. Many times the businesses are overwhelmed by the response and simply cannot “fill the orders”. In particular service companies like maid services and the aforementioned photo booth rentals seem to have been privy to this issue. Consumers find themselves stuck repeatedly trying to contact the business to get the service delivered or contacting the website they bought the coupon through only to have to jump through hoops to hopefully get their money back or some sort of website credit to future purchases.

“In our case we’ve probably fielded a dozen phone calls over the last 9 months from people frantic to rent a photo booth for their wedding or special event”, said Barbara. “It’s heartbreaking to talk with a bride or mother of the bride who many times are in tears from having to deal with this, not to mention the money they’ve lost.” Barbara went on to say, “we try to get as close as we can to their original price but honestly those deals are sometimes for 65-70% off and we just can’t make money with that kind of discount.” And therein lays the problem, the business owners are lured in by the amount of bookings they are quoted but fail to do the math when it comes to what it costs them to successfully rent a booth. So after a couple of bookings they are in the hole and simply cannot afford to fulfill all of the coupons.
It’s always a good idea to check references, see how long a business has had its doors open and to only do business with a company that has a physical address and phone number not just a website and an email address.

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