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May = Prom Time!

Posted on May 17, 2012 by RedEyePhotoBooths in Miscellaneous

Prom season is in full effect! Adding a photo booth rental to your prom or an after/post prom is a great idea. Your prom is the dance that defines your high school experience and hanging out with your friends one last time before the school year is over. The photo booth will capture those great memories with your classmates, friends and prom dates to cherish in the years to come. Years from now you will not only have that photo strip with your long lost love or high school friends to look back upon but you will have them for as long as possible with your access to the digital files to catalog in your virtual cloud.


  1. My high school had one of these at the after prom and it was awesome
    highlight of my prom and also the memories that the booth captured. But the thing is, is that the photos are not uploaded yet to the website and its been almost 2 weeks. Hopefully they will be up there soon

    • What was the name of the event and date? I can look up the issue on why the photos are not there.

      • Van Buren After Prom
        May 12th -13th

        • I figured out the problem. Most schools and corporate events request that their galleries are set to “Unlisted” so that their students/employees are directly the only people to view them. I would normally have you request to get the link that was sent to the school but I think that you should be fine with having the direct link send via email that you have listed. Be sure to check your email soon for the link (our mail has been known to go straight to spam for some reason before).


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