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Red Eye Photo Booths is proud to introduce our new Social Media Integration with Apple’s iPad. Taking pictures and sharing them with friends couldn’t be any easier! First, your guests’ will pose for the camera and their photo strip will be created and printed through our photo booth software. Then your guests’ individual photos and photo strip will be sent to the iPad attached to the photo booth. They then can pick any of their photos to upload to Facebook, Twitter or email as they are leaving the booth. Check out our post and how our iPad option made the iHeartRadio Festival even better!

This is a great option for our corporate clients to increase their brand while having the option to capture their guests’ information for future marketing campaigns. Our iPad option costs $225. For our corporate clients we provide additional services including booth branding which can be found in our Corporate Options.

The iPad supports more customized features than just upload to social media sites. A few of the the features consist of:

  • Facebook Like Button: Get more likes by adding a Facebook like button to the app. Guests can instantly become fans of any Facebook fan page as they upload their favorite photos live from your event.
facebook fan page

  • Facebook Fan Page: Upload photos to Facebook Fan Pages!

    Upload All
    All photos that appear on the iPad will automatically be added to your Facebook Fan Page. It is your responsibility to receive consent from your guests before posting their images to your Fan Page. Red Eye Photo Booths is not responsible for content posted online. You can combine “Upload All” with any other options. All photos that appear on the app will be automatically posted to your Facebook Fan Page into an album that you pre-define.

    All Sent
    Any photo uploaded to twitter, email, guest’s personal Facebook profile, or print will ALSO automatically be posted to your Facebook Fan Page. All photos sent from the iPad to print, twitter, email, or guest’s personal Facebook profile will automatically also be posted to your Facebook Fan Page in the album of your choice. All Sent is a great way to get your guest’s favorite photos on your Fan Page. It is your responsibility to receive consent from your guests before posting their images to your Fan Page. Red Eye Photo Booths is not responsible for content posted online.

    Replace Personal Facebook Profile
    All photos posted to Facebook from the iPad will be posted to your Facebook Fan Page. NO photos are posted to the guest’s personal Facebook profile. It is your responsibility to receive consent from your guests before posting their images to your Fan Page. Red Eye Photo Booths is not responsible for content posted online. “Replace Personal” changes the Facebook button on the iPad from uploading to the guest’s personal profile TO uploading to your Facebook Fan Page.

facebook wall message

  • Facebook Wall Message: The ability to post a Wall Message when photos go onto Facebook. Example

    Uploaded photos will appear on the guests personal Facebook profile. This is the original way that the iPad is used to upload to Facebook. Photos are posted in an album on the guest’s personal Facebook profile. A notification of new photos usually appears on the guest’s wall depending on their Facebook settings

    Wall Message
    A thumbnail of one photo along with a message, title, and link will appear on the guest’s personal Facebook Profile. *Warning* – Only use Wall Message along with album, unique URL, or Fan page upload features to ensure that all of the guests photos will be available online. Wall Message is great for including messaging along with your photos on Facebook. You can customize the title, link, and message that appears with the post. If the guests uploads more than one photo at the same time, only the first photo will show on the wall. If you combine Wall Message with Unique URL then clicking on the message will take the guests to a unique website (that you customize) with all of their photos. Alternatively, you can combine with Fan Page uploads so that clicking on the message brings them to their photos in your Fan Page album.

    Album + Wall Message
    Uploaded photos will appear in an album on the guest’s personal Facebook profile as well as on their wall with a custom message. This option gives your guests full access to their photos both on Facebook and on their Unique URL.

  • Customize the Facebook Album: Pre-define the name of the Facebook album to which all photos will upload. For example, all photos from a party for Nike could go to an album called “Nike Party Photos”, which would be automatically created on your guests’ facebook pages. Also, pre-customize the Facebook message posted on your guests’ wall when they upload. An amazing branding opportunity! Check out Facebook upload in action!

  • Customize the Twitter Stream: Pre-determine a Twitter stream OR let your guests’ choose their own Twitter stream when they upload photos to their Twitter feed. Check out Twitter post in action!

  • Customize Email Settings: Pre-determine the address, subject line and email message that your guests will receive, with their pictures embedded in the body of the email. Check out email sending in action!


  • Print from your iPad: Print from any iPad to any Windows-enabled printer by plugging the printer into the PC running on the same Wifi network.

unique url

  • Unique URL: Photos will be available on unique website for each guest that you customize. Guests can re-share their photos from the unique url across multiple social media websites. Here is an example of a unique url with a Nike event. Use a Facebook wall post or email message to link your guests to their own unique website where their photos will be hosted. You can customize the look of the website in full HTML including: banner, header, footer, background, page title, and page description. In addition, you can add re-share options to all major social media sites then track the spread of your photos, and page impressions for real time metrics of online brand exposure.

  • Data Capture: Capture your guests’ email addresses. Each email can be stored in an online spread sheet. *Tip: Email promotions to your guests while they are at your event. For example: “Show this email to the bar for 10% off your next drink.”

  • Graphic Overlays: Automatically apply graphic overlays to your images. The graphic is applied to all prints and uploads and also displays on the iPad. Perfect opportunity for branding your logo on top of the photos taken at the event.
  • graphic overlays

  • Customize Surveys: Pre-determine the questions, multiple choice or fill in the blank for your guests to fill out concerning the event or company. This allows feedback from your employees and guests.

  • Customize Disclaimer: Pre-determine the disclaimer to specify the permissions matching your event.

  • Quantifiable Results: Realtime event data available online for you and your clients that shows exactly how many branded photos have been sent to Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • quantifiable results